Kyrenia Car Rental

Inadequate conditions on public transport in the country, has paved the way for the development of car rental industry in TRNC. People living in TRNC having their own cars, in-country distances being short, lack of dense population in North Cyprus and the lack of public transportation related investment in North Cyprus are among the factors driving the revival of TRNC car rental market. Besides the different aspects of the island’s tourism-prone structure have affected the way of the car rental market in North Cyprus.
North Cyprus originally housed many civilizations attracts the attention of anyone who visits the country with a rich historical heritage. By renting a car in North Cyprus it is possible to visit the historic sites at any time you wish, without having to depend on anyone.
Natural beauty of the country is another tourist attraction. Kyrenia mountains at the confluence of the sea coast, Saint Hillarion Castle not just as a historical monument but as an inspiration to lots of stories and movies, coastal beaches of Famagusta and ZaferBurnu paved with golden sand beaches, covered with endemic vegetation of the Bafra region are the places to be seen when visiting North Cyprus. All of these are qualities that will enrich your journey to see Cyprus when renting a car. The health tourism-related developments in recent years in North Cyprus have made it a center of attraction for people from different countries. Renting a car in Northern Cyprus for those who are here for health tourism will allow them to spend time more comfortably.